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TEL : 1661-5680
MAIL : af@artfantasia.co.kr

인도네시아의 꿈
(본 영상은 中國 "태부그룹"(Tidfore)의 의뢰로 제작되었으며 인도네시아 대통령 VIP View를 목적으로 하고 있습니다.)

This is the story of Tidfore who wants Indonesias dream to come true.

The Indonesia that we met is a very attractive country.

Various religions and cultures coexist peacefully
It`s beautiful nature is loved by people from all over the world.
It is a country of opportunity with a large population and abundant natural resources.
However, many people in Indonesia
Has not benefited yet from industrial development.
A place where you need a road.
An area that requires electricity.
People who need jobs.
s dream
Is for everyone to be happy with the development of industry.
We want to make Indonesia
s dream come true.
Our technology is not just to realize industrial development,
But rather it has the value of sharing that can give people happiness.

We believe that it is the value of giving hope to the future with togetherness.
We would like to give the value of sharing and togetherness of Indonesia.
Using technology, manufacturing, and finance as background,
If technology transfer, local production bases, and jobs are created,
s dream will surely come true.
We want to make this happen together with Indonesia.
To present light and hope to all children in Indonesia,
We will achieve power generation in Indonesia together.
For an even better future in Indonesia,
We will make a way with Indonesia together.
So that Indonesia and her children can move to a larger world,
We will push through with harbor development together.
For industrial development in Indonesia,
We will achieve the construction of industrial complexes together.
s dream will surely come true.
With the value of sharing
With the value of togetherness
Tidfore will be with you.

- 나레이션 -

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