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TEL : 1661-5680
MAIL : af@artfantasia.co.kr

솔브릿지(Solbridge) 국제경영대학 감독판

솔브릿지(Solbridge) 국제경영대학 일반판

솔브릿지(Solbridge) 국제경영대학

Here we At SolBridge.

We see students from different nationalities,
 with different languages, different skin colour and beliefs studying together.

As we learn and embrace each other’s differences, we realize we are together as one.
This is the place where students, as one, spend their bright youthful moments.
It’s Daejeon.
In your beautiful Korea.
This is SolBridge.
SolBridge is an international business school where we promote global leadership.
It is AACSB accredited, an accreditation awarded to only 5% of business schools around the world.
 It is not only this that makes SolBridge a great business school.
We believe a great school is one that gives a hand to our planet Earth,
 together finding solutions to global issues.

 SolBridge found the solution.

Education is the solution.
Students with a proper education are our hope for the world.
The Hope
The only hope.
Understanding the differences and realizing that
 we are together as one, is the focus of our education. 
To be a bridge to the World.
And sharing the hope.
 That is the business education at SolBridge.
Embracing the differences, embracing the world.
That’s the true global leader.
SolBridge brings together the future global leaders.

Connect the World with

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회사명 : (주)아트판타지아 │ 대표 : 손옥란   

대표번호 : 1661-5680 │ 이메일 : af@artfantasia.co.kr   

컨텐츠제작센터 : 대구광역시 북구 학정로 132-1 아트판타지아 빌딩   
마케팅본부 : 서울특별시 성동구 응봉동193-194 아트판타지아   

사업자번호 │ 마케팅본부 : 187-85-00624 │ 컨텐츠제작센터 : 559-88-00233    

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